What the hack - a full healthcheck
Facelift requires - needs brand new deck
"Boatox" filler - big licks of paint everywhere
Back to basics - Stripped Enterprise bare
'Justin' time for a 'Happy & prosperous New Year' *

*sorry it's taked the web master so long to get this blogpost up!!!

All wood Enterprise with decks and varnish removed. Replacement woodwork where necessary. This is a vintage boat that was well built and deserves a new lease of life!

Kev, Val, Oscar and Jean

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who's the fairest of them all?

Frome hideaway to on display

Kev's restoration....Wow, I say!


Poor 'Miss Miffy' was falling apart, when Kev saw her it broke his heart...

Now decked out in her best regalia, ...just waiting for someone to come and sail her!



The Lasers were losers

S.O.S Kev - Please choose us

To be your next project...

From neglect to respect

Now no-one can refuse us

so come on and use us!!