Dave Hart (new member) is an inveterate boat collector of interesting historic craft. He has bought Lovely Nellie & plans to fit her out as a work boat , Lovely Nellie has an interesting history as one of the ships boats from HMS Ark Royal broken up in 1980 . She is a 24 feet Cheverton work boat with a Perkins 4236 diesel 80hp engine, she is being rewired from 24v to 12v, having a new 12v starter & alternator fitted, reposition instruments for engine to beside the engine on the port side, having all the engine hoses replaced & exhaust system upgraded plus a small cuddy added up fwd, new floors, reinforced side decks from amidships to aft so that mooring gear can be pulled over the side, fitted with aft tiller steering & remote aft engine controls, fuel tanks moved aft, new engine box made to allow access all around the engine, new gantry fitted amidships for nav lights & nav aids, replace or repair the propeller,  she will be available to assist members with moorings & towing, assist SYC with races as a committee boat if required,  assist KARMA Kipford & Rockcliffe moorings association if required, assist with general work boat operations any one may require in the river Urr, AJG insurers have agreed to insure her for this use once refitted after she has had her survey & insure her during the fitting out period over the next few months.

If interested in helping to work on TUG formally (lovely Nellie) then please contact Dave Hart.

Opportunities to learn to use TUG will be available to members via SYC in the future if required.

Handling a displacement hull work boat is different to a RIBS.

Dave likes volunteers so why not get involved, adults only .

Phone Dave on :01556-660007 . If interested.