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RYA Scotland Club of the Year 2018
Receiving the trophy at Inverkip
The 2016 Flying Fifteen Scottish Nationals @Kippford
The club has been a leading Flying Fifteen club for decades
Horse Isles Bay Picnic 2018
Costa Kippford
On the start line!
And they're off!
Laser Open
Hunca Munca as committee boat
RNLI Regatta
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Craning In
The start of the cruiser season masterminded by Jim
Hunca Munca
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Mudlarks - Cadet Week
Happy cadets but slightly less than clean
At the mouth of the Urr with the Cumbria coast in the far distance
Open Day 2019
Elizabeth giving joyrides in the club Bahia
Open Day 2019
Welcome visitors from RNLI Kippford
Open Day 2019
Vice Commodore giving joy rides in Whisper
Open Day 2019
The Flying Scotsman
He made it
Close Racing
Three Laser Radials in a tussle
Little and Large
Roy Kerr and La Malouine arrive
Traditional End to Cadet Week
Senior Instructors made themselves scarce
Close to the Wire and the Water
Spitfire in full cry
Whiteport Picnic
Arriving to start a glorious picnic at the end a great week
A Busy Boat Park
And prizes for all
Getting Crowded in There
At the pontoons ready to rock and roll
The Future
New members for 2025 survey the sailing area

Jock Wishart, intrepid explorer, sailor extraordinary and good friend of the club has sent us greetings. Like the rest of us, he has had a pretty quiet season and has never had his Thames Rater on the water. He has not even got any yachting in since January, when he and redoubtable Sandy Mair acted as race officers in Barbados.

The Thames Rater in the picture is 26 feet long and sports a 44 foot carbon mast and a 6 foot centreboard. She's a bit of a beast he says! The apparently disproportionate rig was designed to cope with the fickle winds and clutter on the river banks when racing on the Thames. As they are the second oldest class in the world, the carbon fibre used for the mast is a relatively recent adoption. It was originally bamboo and then aluminium. They were originally a lug rig, then gunter and finally Bermuda. Over the years, the masts got taller and the booms shorter giving the configuration seen in the photo.

As with everyone, Jock's plans are a little hazy but he hopes to pay us a visit when he can. You're always welcome Jock.

Lindsay Tosh