Following the great success of the Championship Weekend, the club is now going to complete the season with three weekends of racing; 19th and 20th September (12:10 and 12:50), 3rd and 4th October (11:50 and 12:20) and 17th and 18th October (11:10 and 11:50). As you will see, the times are very much in the middle of the day and the weather is, of course, going to be fine. The Vice Commodore is in charge of wind and will ensure nice warm breezes from the south-west.

Despite the tightening of normal social contact due to COVID-19, the Scottish Government has not changed the organized sport guidelines so it’s possible for competitors from more than one household to sail together and not need to maintain the 2 metre distance rule. RYA Scotland has issued guidance and it is attached to the event in Webcollect. This applies only on the “field of play” for organized sport and normal rules apply before and after racing or for social sailing.

The clubhouse is closed for most purposes and you will need arrive ready to sail or change in your car. The toilets are open on a one out one in basis.

Due to the need to keep careful records of everyone competing, all racers must enter via Webcollect  (here). To make it easy, you do not have to sign in and the event is shown as public. However, we cannot allow entries from those who are not paid up members much though we would love to see members from other clubs. If you have not entered via Webcollect, you  may not race.

A great deal of work has gone into getting racing going again and it would be lovely to see a packed start line for these events.

Queries on the racing should be addressed to John Broadbent and difficulties with Webcollect should be raised with Lindsay Tosh via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Lindsay Tosh