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The membership of the Solway Yacht Club currently stands at 287 memberships, many of whom are actively involved in the Club's activities - both on and off the water.

If you would like more information on membership, please contact the Membership Secretary at [email protected] for further details on the benefits of membership, how to apply, and what the Club has to offer.

Alternatively make your own application using Web Collect the Club's on-line membership system

Annual Subscription Rates for 2016
(January to December)

(A 10% reduction applies to membership renewals before 14th February)

Full Membership - £115

Husband & Wife (exclusive of children) £141

Family (includes one or more Cadet members) - £164

Cadet (under 18) - £24
(If payment received before 14th February - £22)

Youth (18 to 26 yrs and in full time education) - £37

Associate (Over 18 and no boat sailed from SYC) - £50

Senior (Former full member, over 70 - no boat sailed from SYC) - £50

(Note: a rounded up 10% reduction applies to the above if paid before February 14th)

Temp (inc. VAT) - £50 per 2 weeks

Joining Fee - £35 -applies to new membership applications

Club WIFI - Free - Pass Number in Members Area on this site

Moorings in the Urr Estuary are managed by the Kippford and Rockcliffe Residents Association (KARMA) to whom application should be made.

These rates apply to both summer and winter seasons and include summer parking of the tender for the parent boat. 

Pier Parking Charges (per season 180 day period summer/winter)
Minumum charge £40 irrespective of area.

If your boat does not appear in the above schedule the seasonal cost is calculated by the following:

Overall Length (metres) X Beam (metres) = Area (m2) : round to nearest sq.m then X £8.50 = cost
e.g : Length 5.4m x Beam 2m = 10.8m
2 : round this to 11m2 (nearest m2) then x £8.50 = £93.5 to pay 

See Web Collect to purchase any of above subscriptions/fees.

User guides here Quick Guide to renewing OR Detailed Guide to Renewing

Contact the [email protected] for postal/email transactions.