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Cruiser Course Chart & Sailing Area

Visitor's Chart and Channel Information

Weather and Tides

Met Office - Inshore Forecast

Tidal Predictions at Hestan for next 7 days

Full Tide Tables are available in the Member's Area - publication restrictions prohibit displaying them here.

20010/13 Photographs and Videos are available on the Gallery Page

Boat Parking and Storage

Due to a growing demand for the use of the Club's hard standing areas your committee are having to introduce some regulation to the issue read more

Solway Yacht Club Group MMSI Number

We now have a Group Ship MMSI 023200097 for use by The Solway Yacht Club. Members with DSC equipped VHF sets can program in this Group MMSI number to receive DCS group casts. Further Details & Conditions of use by the Club

Whitehaven Marina - Sealock Closure for Annual Maintenance 2016

With sea and flood defences very much on everyone’s mind at the present time, particularly in the North West of England, Whitehaven Marina in Cumbria have confirmed the dates for their annual lock closure. This closure will be between Monday 22nd February and Monday 7th March 2016.

The annual maintenance work to be carried out by our marina staff and specialist contractors, is vital to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the Sea Lock throughout 2016 and beyond. This will ensure that the heavy lock gates keep the wild and windy Irish Sea at bay and the 400 boats in Whitehaven Marina, plus the town of Whitehaven itself, safe from flooding.

Just in case there are some early birds sailing to west Cumbria!!

Race Results 2015


Removal of Two Wind Turbines from Robin Rigg
A licence has been granted for the removal of 2 turbines from Robin Rigg. A copy of the full licence is available here.

The licence is valid from 4th December 15 to 31st August 16. Basic details are : -

Sailing Programme for 2016

SYC Programme 2016 in pdf printable form here

(On the above, move your cursor to the foot of the page and various options incuding save - (floppy disc logo) print etc - will appear.




The examples given above show the elapsed time required to have each boat show a corrected time of exactly one hour. For example, in the above somewhat artificial race, the Hunter 20 would have to be within 10 minutes 36 seconds of the Sportina on the water to beat it.

NHC Handicaps supplied by the RYA. Calculations by the Sailing Secretary who believes they are correct but gives no warranty.

These NHC handicaps will be used for individual races e.g. the RNLI Regatta.

They will be the initial handicaps for multi-race events e.g. Kippford Week, after which the handicaps will be adjusted to take the previous results in the series into consideration.

Boats listed are considered possible competitors but handicaps for others are available. Speak to the Sailing Secretary.

The calculations get a bit complicated and further information is available at: . Alternatively, again speak to the Sailing Secretary.

Workshop Facility in Club House Garage

A bench, vice etc. has been installed in the garage at the club house. The garage door has been fitted with a number lock. The Code is available to members in the members only area.